Lightening, Peace and the Beauty of a Dandelion

It’s 5:00 a.m. and I am the only one up. It’s so quiet other than the occasional roll of thunder. I’ve never seen an electrical storm like this before. There are ten or so flashes of lightening for every one roll of thunder. The entire sky is illuminated in brief flashes cutting through the darkness like a knife and lighting up the silouettes of trees against the black background of night.

It’s times like these I don’t mind insomnia. Still and quiet are not words that describe our home very often. I truly appreciate the peace, almost as much as I appreciate the joyful noise that usually fills the air.

We put hardwood floors in this weekend and I am exhausted so I’m not at all sure why I can’t sleep. We also painted some of the furniture we have so everything looks fresh and new to go with the floors. My home is decorated in what you might call garage sale eclectic. Mismatched furniture trying to be tied together to create the look of something wonderful. I love garage sales. My husband actually hits the accellerator as we pass by them so when I say “GARAGE SALE” he is already well past and says “Oh, do you want me to turn around?” knowing full well I won’t make him turn around. I have a gift for finding the absolute best deals at garage sales. The problem is the styles of furniture I have managed to collect have nothing to do with one another. God forbid I should pass up a good deal simply because the piece won’t match my decor! That would be silly!

Let me give you an idea what I am talking about. Colonial ladderback chairs sit around a solid cherry dining table. I have a worn and very old corner cupboard and a sideboard I painted cream and sanded (to make it appear older then it is) decorating the dining room. In the living room I have two sage green couch covers thrown over my red plaid sofa and loveseat I got almost brand new for 200.00 flanked by two mission style end tables. My coffee table is country style pine. Well you get the point, most are really lovely things but none of them go together.

This weekend I was motivated by the new hardwood floor to try and assemble my second hand stuff into something a bit more, shall we say~ grown up looking. My new floors are stained dark and are a huge improvement to the carpet. We have four kids, two dogs, two cats and a bird. Carpet and our family do NOT get along.

I pulled my pine night stand from upstairs and replaced it with the mission end tables which now are up in my room (my next project) and painted the dry sink my dad made sage green to match the couches. It was 70’s green with red trim. Yuck. Sorry Dad but it had to be done.
I painted the bottom half of the coffee table to match the dry sink and sanded and stained the top with a dark pine finish. We used a belt sander though which got away from me on more than one occasion so the top was uneven. We solved that problem by adding six georgous pieces of slate to the top.

I added a few lamps and some well placed garage
sale accessories and voila, everything is now tied
together! As soon as I can get my husband to hang my huge old mirror above the couch and I finish the painting that will go above the pine entertainment center it will be complete. With all of my plants and new curtains (I made myself) it looks lovely and is very cozy. Definately more grown up. I just have to go through and choose some stand out items for the top of the dry sink but the dry sink isn’t actually totally dry yet (lol) so that will have to wait.

The dining room floor is going to be done this week. I have a few days to try and figure out how to decorate that room. I think I’m too stuck on creating a theme for the whole house instead of decorating each room the way I would like. I need to give myself more creative freedom and not worry so much about what the neighbors might think. You see I live in an ultra conservative fancy dancy development where everyone has those formal livingrooms nobody ever uses, Ethan Allen furniture that ALL matches and those fancy floral swags with custom made draperies in all of the windows………..that match……………gak. They have color schemes like Cranberry and Forest carefully chosen by somebody named Sven.

I like baskets and plants and art from around the world, comfortable furnishings that require no gestapo like action when one of the kids decides to add a bit of color to the room with a permanent marker. I like things pretty but usable. I fit in here like a hula dancing hippo at a Sunday church service.

The neighbors are all really nice people. Honest they are. They spend their time either tollerating my more liberal personality or trying to convert my “heathen” ways. I am NOT a heathen but in their eyes I walk a thin line. I am very spiritual but not particularly religious. I believe in equality and fairness. I happen to like peace more than war. I am on one side of the political coin, they on the other. Fortunately for the neighbors I happen to live with one of “them” so during election year we had one of both signs in our yard which saved our house from being egged.

Oh and the biggest carnal sin of all…the MOTHER OF ALL SINS…..I have dandelions in my yard. Hundreds of dandelions. I DON’T SPRAY!!!!!! Are you shocked?! So are they. My two acres of otherwise manicured lawn is dotted with pretty yellow flowers that my children pick for me every day. I bought a garage sale vase for just this purpose! I happen to think it looks pretty and would rather keep my dandelions than spray my lawn with chemicals my children and my animals will have to play on. GASP!

In an effort to try and blend in (Marissa Tomei; Yea’, you blend)
I attempted to set the riding mower very low to make it appear as though I had, although only temporarily, solved the dandelion dilema. The result was a disasterous scalping which now clearly separates my yard from my neighbors. as though the dandelions did not do that perfectly well to begin with! sigh…..

Well, the sun has come up, the rain has stopped and my family is starting to rise. It’s been lovely chatting with you! What a wonderful way to start my day.



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4 responses to “Lightening, Peace and the Beauty of a Dandelion

  1. I think it matches and I love your dandelions too.

  2. It all looks great.
    Best wishes from my dandelions to yours.

  3. Looks lovely!

    I wish I had a lawn, dandilions and all!

  4. Michelle Wong

    Thanks for the great information. Just recently i found a 35 year old maple table at a yard sale for only $11! What a steal huh?Here is a great website i found on redoing cabinets

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