Vital Statistics

Well, I did it. I mailed away for E’s marriage certificate. It’s something I have avoided because I really wanted her to come forward with the information about my birth father herself. Of course it is still entirely possible she is telling the truth and she really doesn’t know who he is. I wish I knew for certain. I don’t like doubting her but she has given me no reason to believe anything she says. Quite the opposite actually.

Whether the name of her first husband will lead me to my birth father (thinking they could be the same person) I don’t know but it is the last step I can take. It will either open other doors or it will prove fruitless. Either way this is it, the last thing I can do before saying I have done everything reasonable to find the other half of my biological identity.

I guess on the up side I can continue to change my nationality based on what International dish I feel like making for dinner.



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8 responses to “Vital Statistics

  1. GOOD. FOR. YOU.

    You deserve the truth… no matter HOW it might expose other people’s insecurities, fears, or outright lies. YOU are the innocent party! Every human being deserves being treated with the basic human dignity that comes from being made AWARE of their origins… just because some people made mistakes or choices they might now regret… that does NOT mean that YOU should pay the price for this!

    You KNOW how brutally defensive I am of your position, girlfriend!

    Sending you cyber hugs and love.

  2. Like Manuela says.
    Fingers tightly crossed for you.

  3. Mia

    Thank you both for the encouragement! It felt really good to actually DO something about this situation. I so rarely have any control over any part of this that taking a little control felt great.

  4. I’m so glad you did this! Let us know how it turns out!

  5. Mia

    Thanks! I definately will let you know what happens!

  6. Very cool move, Mia.

    Please keep us posted. I am crossing my crossables for you, hoping it leads to answers.

  7. Rel

    Good stuff Mia!!!! I am proud of you for taking this step, i know all too well how hard it is to actually do, rather than just think about! 😉

    I love your closing line about dinner, it made me laugh.

    Goodluck sweety. Thinking of you and keeping my fingers and toes crossed that this opens doors for you. xo

  8. Mia

    The man at the county office said that they can usually process requests the same day they get them so it shouldn’t be too long…..I hope!

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