The Puzzle of my Past

My adoption is shrouded in mystery. It would take a book, not a blog to list all of the questionable puzzle pieces I have been able to aquire. I sit at the table staring at the pieces trying to put the puzzle together but there are obviously key pieces missing. The entire process makes me dizzy.

It frustrates the hell out of me that I sit here trying to discover the mystery of my own life like some sort of obsessed Nancy Drew. The Case of the Girl Without a Past. How is it that our society has allowed the injustice of open records to prevail for so long? ……… with liberty and justice for ALL (except you honey, with you we have to make an exception). It’s sort of like having amnesia. You can’t remember where you came from or who you are and there are all of these people around you who do know but refuse to tell you.

Wraith made a really good comment here when he stated that there are laws that already exist in this country protecting people from unwanted contact. That these laws are already in place so why the extra layer for adoptees? I thought about that for a long while. It’s so true, open records provides us with information about our person that every other individual in this country has the right to obtain. That to open records is to allow us all equal access to that information under the law. Anything short of that is simply illegal. How are the extremists unfounded opinions regarding protection (where laws already exist) able to cloud this simple fact? It seems so illogical that we cannot just walk right in there, demand equal treatment under the law and walk out with our rights entact.

Every time I go to the doctors office now I have to sign the HIPAA form saying that I am aware that my medical records are mine even though it does not apply to me as it does to all other non-adopted persons.

HIPAA requires that all patients be able access their own medical records, correct errors or omissions, and be informed how personal information is shared and used.

There is no fine print saying this law refers to all records post adoption, the medical records from adoptees birth are excluded. So tell me why I can’t just walk right into the hospital of my birth and request my medical records under HIPAA law?!? Because some crone in the back will come running over to snatch the file from my hands and scream “SHE CAN’T HAVE THESE!!!! SHE’S ADOPTED!!!!!! True story, it happened to me I kid you not. My medical records are mine alright, just not ALL my records. The fine print must be really fine. I must have missed that part. Equal protection under the law my ass.

I think the next time I have to sign one of those forms I will cross out the parts that do not apply to me before signing.

The day I was born I became my OWN person, an individual citizen of this Country to be provided equal rights under the law like everyone else. I demand equal treatment! You cannot exclude me! You cannot make forged copies of legal documents regarding MY PERSON and deem that lawful nor can you exclude me from laws in place to protect ALL of our citizens of which I am one!!!

O.K., stepping down from the soap box.

So I get to sit here working on this puzzle. I don’t even like puzzles. The worst part is I don’t even have a picture to look at for guidance. No box lid here. It’s like putting together a puzzle of the sky, the more I stare at the pieces the more they look the same to me, all blue.


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  1. Mia, you bring up a really good point with HIPPA – makes me think it might be worth obtaining an attorney and fighting for my records from Swedish Covenant. Better than sinking hundreds of dollars into a paid searcher who isn’t going to be able to get my name, either. I’ve been contacted by several – they all say the same thing, “let me know when you have a name.” Duh. If I had a name I wouldn’t need their help!

    Attorney & HIPPA – very tempting.

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